5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Tirana

Investigate the best of Tirana on this directed excursion. Find out about Albania’s set of experiences and public saints. Then, at that point, unwind at the Cape of Rodon and end the day with a wine sampling. Advantage from private full circle lodging moves. Meet your aide at your lodging and be directed to the focal point of Tirana. Start at Scanderbeg Square to visit the National History Museum and the Opera House. Gain proficiency with the intriguing accounts of the public legend of Skanderbeg.

1) Tirana coast Durres & Lalzi and Wine Tasting Tour
On this tour you explore a local hotspot for many Albanians: The city of Durres, the most ancient city of Albania, enjoy different types of local wine and food in a picturesque setting in Lazli Bay and hike towards a fairytale castle in the Cape of Rodon.

2) Private Day Tour of Tirana with Optional Wine Tasting
With more than 20 centuries of history, Berat is a mosaic city of different cultures and influences. It is where local ancient civilizations of 6th Century BC are fused with Roman culture, medieval period, Eastern Ottoman influence and communist changes.

3)Berat – History and Wine Tasting from Tirana
Experience Berat through its wine on this full-day tour. Depart from your hotel in a private motor coach and ride through rolling olive groves. In the company of a guide, explore the distinct architecture of Berat and learn about the city’s history. Enjoy lunch with a view before visiting a vineyard, where you can sample four different local wines.

4) Wine Tasting & Food tour
Meet the families who started growing grapes in their own gardens and backyards so they could create Rakia and wine for personal consumption. Eat lunch in a small village and walk in the vineyards, see the countryside, tasting fine wine and food, and best of all: experiencing the true meaning of Albanian hospitality. Discover the village of Roshnik. Enjoy the views of the hills, and walk through the vineyards. Meet locals and taste the best wine of the region, eat the traditional food of the area in the same time if you like to do a walking around nature

5) Private Tour from Tirana with optional Wine Tasting
Visit the UNESCO city of Berat, or as we like to call it, “City of 1000 windows”, Amazing architectures of the Mangalemi and Gorica districts paved with cobble stones, and houses that start narrow at the bottom and wide on top, surrounded by multiple windows. Above the city on a hilltop Berat Castle is a spectacular monument of history and culture where local residents still live inside.

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